Product Spotlight

Kalalou Alphabet Chest

Alphabet Chest

The word Kalalou (ka-le-lu) is creole in origin. It is a kind of soup that is never made the same way twice, much like many of the company’s artisan made products.  The soup is made among family and friends while stories are told. Doug and Susan Williams established Kalalou in Jackson Mississippi in 1984 after a $2.00 basket from Jamaica inspired an import business. We are lucky enough to have this whimsical Alphabet Chest of drawers–with A-Z handles. This darling 14-drawer chest will inspire early alphabet mastery and countless creative word games with your child. It will evolve from your child’s room to the library or craft room–organizing quilt pieces, scrapbooking bits, or creating order out of decades of family photos.

This company gives back. Kalalou has children’s foundations in Jamaica and the many other countries from which they import goods. American companies creating jobs here and giving back to countries and children in need … We love this!