One Perfect Thing

Mason Cash

Established in England in 1800, this company clearly has a knack for quality classics. Fast forward to 2017 and unique colors and textures add a fun twist to tradition. Stylish, functional, perfect pieces any kitchen. The Downton Abbey crew even used them to cook!


Why We Love It:

1. Timeless – Mason Cash has barely altered their mixing bowl design since the 1800s when the pottery originated at Church Gresley in Derbyshire, England. Home cooks and bakers have used the brand for centuries, due to quality craftsmanship and a design that focuses on purpose.

2. Incredibly Durable –  Made with chip-resistant stoneware that is heat resistant, these cook and bakeware classics are microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. Made to last a lifetime.

3. Variety of Designs – Whether you want to go bright or basic, Mason Cash carries it all. Red mixing bowls featuring strawberries or beautiful white baking dishes—the possibilities are vast.

4. Great Value – For a lasting brand to boast almost everything under $100 is a rare treat. Mason Cash takes it step further offering gorgeous gems under $50 and even $20.