Meet the Staff

Sara Holcomb

Sara Holcomb, Retail Associate

How did you join the Kibler & Kirch design family?
My sister Erica Hash helped found the store. I have been a part of the family as long as it has been in business–selling my pottery through the store. Our mother was an interior decorator and we have always lived in beautiful homes. We grew up “the Kibler way” with lots of entertaining in a welcoming home. I am in the family home now with a drawer full of place cards and a closet full of table cloths and cloth napkins. I had a dinner for 13 just last night with place cards and used the 60-year-old India Tree Spode on a table cloth I bought to match when at market in NYC with Jeremiah. Even in college I had a Persian rug on the floor and a baby grand piano in the living room, all hand me downs. I moved to Montana to care for our mother in 2008. When she passed away in 2009 Erica took me on as a sales person in the retail store. I love my job!!!

If you were a piece of furniture what would you be?
I would be a big leather square ottoman. I would be covered with books and magazines, and the place where little ones learned to walk. I would have little drawers to pull out for cocktails, a place where people could put their feet up—just like the one my sister has!

What do you own that you would never get rid of?
My potter’s wheel. You can’t get a wheel like the one I have anymore. Designed by Don Rietz, it has a fly wheel and a motor. The fly wheel enables me to work even when the power is out and it allows for a steady slow speed for complex forms and decorating. It weighs a ton and hopefully in its final resting place, a studio with a view of the East Rosebud Canyon.

What is your favorite design style?
Art filled. My other sister Paula always said you buy the couch to match the artwork, not the other way around. Our house is full of Paula’s original artwork, pottery from many of my friends, and handmade quilts by Aunt Elaine. The house itself is a work of art—a darn sturdy one—built by my brother who specialized in timber frame construction.