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Designer Profile: Kacey Jones

Q: How did you end up at Kibler & Kirch?

A: I started as an intern during college when Rosina and Erica owned Kibler & Kirch, then the next year I interned again for Jeremiah and his family. That was five years ago. I’ve worked here five years! It helped me so much to start from the bottom. I learned everything there was to know in the library (our library of fabrics, samples and looks from each company) before I even started designing. I was really fortunate to get this job right after school I couldn’t have found a better fit. We all say it, but Kibler & Kirch is truly like a family (and not just because her sister Kelsey is our Business Manager).


Q: How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

A: Of course as a little girl I had dolls, but I didn’t really “play dolls” with them as much as I made houses for them. My mom had a bookshelf she let me paint. I painted the levels in different colors and pretended each level was a different room in my dolls’ house. I created a separate space for each mood and activity they were doing at the time.  When it came time to go to college, I made sure I went somewhere with a great interior program that focused on both the art and technical skill of design.  


Q: What type of design work would you consider your specialty?

A: I love residential work, creating spaces that make our clients feel at home. While I actually really enjoy the beginning stages of designing a home, picking out fabrics and figuring out a furniture plan, I also work with our retail side (Kacey does a majority of our store merchandising) that I’ve become really great at putting on the final layer. That’s why I enjoy Design-for-a-Days so much too. I love working with the bones of what people have or have ordered from us for a remodel and then using just tiny details and accents to really pull the look together and take it to the next level. Art and accessories makes a home so comfortable to live in and are a great way to show off our clients’ personalities. Room wise, I like decorating bedrooms and living rooms. It’s so easy to play with bedding and change up the feel of a room. And living rooms there is almost an endless amount of options in furniture to create a look that is both fun and functional.


Q: What would you own dream space look like?

A: I don’t know if this is common with all designers or just me, but because I’m around so many options of fabrics and colors all day I’m really drawn to neutrals in my own home. Partly because there are so many fabrics I love that if I had to pick just a few for my own house, I’d go mad. I remember Rosina (our founder) saying one time she needed help picking out her sofa fabric. I mean, it’s Rosina, she’s been doing this for so many years, but you still want another professional’s help. It’s much easier for me to take myself out of it and choose things that will make my clients happy.

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