Kibler & Kirch

Our Store Refresh

If you’ve visited our store in Red Lodge lately, you’ve probably noticed our updated look. If not, come check it out! Kacey Jones, lead designer on the remodel, takes you on a photo tour below.

Q: The store looks great! How long did this take? Was a hard to do a remodel while still maintaining the store?

A: We planned well ahead so we could have minimal disruptions! It took about three months of planning and another three months of strategic construction. Luckily we’re designers and we’ve done this a time or two!  We disrupted the flow a little bit in the store, but for the most part people were good sports about it. It kind of became this adventure to come into the store and see what was going on. One day we had half of the store empty because we were laying down carpet. It was like a treasure hunt that people kind of enjoyed. Our customers got to watch our redesign process.


Q: What were some of the challenges you ran into?

A: When you change the space that people work in you have to navigate with sensitivity yet still get the job done. Sure, it would have been easier to just barge in and loudly remodel as you see fit, but our staff still had to work! Since everyone’s space was changing and getting disrupted we had to make sure that the changes were worth it and really worked for our team. At the same time, our design library had to fit into the larger scheme of our retail business. I knew we could pull it off but I was amazed at how well everyone adjusted and made it work. As designers we have a lot of samples and resources that we need and we use. Figuring out how to reorganize those materials in a new space full of functionality was a fun challenge. People were so surprised that we fit it all in there—and it works well!


Q: That is pretty impressive! There have to have been some hiccups. Do tell!

Well, we’re still getting used to a few things. There were five of us over in the old design building and we all had pretty separate spaces. But we just have new systems now. We know that we need to give people space when they are with a client or on an important call. Open offices are actually great for most of our work. Kim (our Design Manager) and Kelsey (our Business Manager) share an office but they have separate doors and works areas. When they need to chat they are together now instead of across the street. It’s a plus!


Q: What are some other benefits of the remodel you’ve noticed?

A: I’ve noticed clients either know us as a design resource or as a retail store. Now people are realizing we’re both! Retail shoppers see how easy it is to customize one of our pieces with the exact fabric they want or that they can special order a piece if the one we have on the floor isn’t exactly what they were looking for. In the past, one of our design clients might have been in the store but we wouldn’t have any idea because we were in a different building. So now, clients we haven’t seen in a couple years can walk in the door and we get to chat and catch up.  We get that connection we didn’t necessarily have before.


Q: What are your favorite things about the new look?

A: Moving the front desk and reimagining some of our colors has been really fun. You see people right as they walk in the door. It’s more engaging. Jeremiah wanted to tie Red Lodge and Billings together. While they are their own separate entities, it’s all Kibler & Kirch! We brought it together by using the same sophisticated contrasting our Billings Studio has with Navajo White and Cavier Black, both soft tones that are cozy to shop in. When we showcase fabric, furniture and art it looks great with the soft white background. The black is really elegant. It’s great to work in such a beautiful spot.

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