Meet the Staff

Rosina Kastelitz

Rosina Kastelitz, Founder

How did you join the Kibler & Kirch design family? 
I am an original member of the family. Kibler & Kirch was a dream inside my head before it was a store. I remember going to market in Highpoint with a family friend and seeing this vendor’s booth that had been set up like someone lived in it. There was popcorn in the bowls, magazines folded over like someone just stepped away from reading it—it even smelled like a home. That stuck in my head until we opened Kibler & Kirch 25 years ago. We made the store feel like you could just buy the whole room and transport it into your home. I never did see that showroom again. It’s like it was there just to inspire me.  I had wonderful partners who rallied behind Kibler & Kirch and we built the company together.

If you were a piece of furniture what would you be? 
A bookshelf, because I love all of my books and wish I had all the knowledge on the shelf inside my head.

What do you own that you would never get rid of?
I have a little brown pitcher from my great grandmother that she got when she was a girl from an older neighbor when she passed. She told my great grandmother to keep it and fill it with wildflowers before requesting that my great grandmother open the window to let her soul fly free when she died. I’ll eventually pass it to one of my granchildren.

What is your favorite decor style? 
Artful and soulful.


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