How To Style A Mantel

There has never been a better focal point in any room–ever–than a good mantle. It’s the very first thing your guests will see when they enter your space. Make it count with these simple tricks.






1. Try a lamp. Add a little glow and mimic the positive effects of a fire–those warming, glowing embers–even in Summer. We suggest a small lamp or two, but this effect can be achieved with candles as well.

2. Your mantel really should be ever changing. From season to season, rotating your most beloved objects. While mantels often beg for symmetry, an arrangement of an uneven number of small objects in the middle can be very nice.

3. Try one large focal point layered with smaller ones. We’ve used a large mirror here with a framed botanical pressing–both leaned against the wall rather than nailed into place. This allows us to easily swap items as our collection grows.

4. Use a few special objects that encourage someone to walk all the way up to the fireplace and pick them up; books that you’d want to read the spine of, a small box you want to open.

5. Don’t forget about what’s in front of the whole fireplace. Is there anything more inviting than comfy chair and book to read by the fire?