Why Handmade Rugs?

Generations of Style and Craft

We believe that great rooms begin with great rugs. As a foundation to build upon, we often take clients through a selection and education process about the virtues of authentic, handmade rugs in the beginning of design projects. Always preferring something made by humans rather than manufactured by machines, we layer textiles and furniture over a quality rug to give a sense of craft and permanence. As the lead pattern and source of color inspiration (rugs sometimes have 10, 12, or 15 colors), we work closely with clients to choose rugs they respond to emotionally. We won’t let you buy it unless you completely love it. Some say that the “soul” of any room is in the rug. We agree and want your rug to speak to your soul.

Handmade rugs are a naturally “green” product in the sense that they are not full of petroleum-based substances as found in machine-made carpet. They don’t expel toxic gases and are made from renewable, recyclable wool and cotton. Most rugs mix vegetable and synthetic dyes depending on the kind of color saturation required. With minimal maintenance, rugs will provide generations of use while gaining character and beauty through the years. They are the single best way to alter the tone of a room. After all, when one enters a space our eyes usually look at the floor covering first and then work up to furnishings and walls.

Our rugs are unique–taking months or even years to construct–and we take great pride in knowing that these rugs are produced in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India by workers skilled in an art form that goes back many hundreds of years. Our buyer travels to the Middle East regularly to employ widows with families in the rug making-trade. Knowing the conditions and the supply chain of our merchandise is important to many of our customers. We are comfortable saying that these rugs are not made with child labor or in any ethically compromised manner.

We are the only place to purchase these kinds of rugs in our area. We would be happy to show you our selection, guide you through the process, and let you try a rug in your home for a day or two. We have styles to suit every taste and work in any interior. We have florals, geometrics, and contemporary pieces. Rugs are essential in our climate. We think they are an investment in your home that you’ll be glad you made. We look forward to seeing you in our Rug Gallery soon!