Christmas in Paradise

From the earliest moments working on this house, we knew this was the kind of home rustic dreams are made of: perfectly composed, elegant in the most casual way, layered with true comfort, filled with elements of nature brought inside, and of course room for everyone to gather in spaces that are still warm and comforting. It’s an intimate, cozy space—an array of rich leathers, classic plaids, Navajo inspired rugs, custom furniture and Western art layered throughout. It was such an honor to get to take it “all the way” to make a space that’s a perfect holiday expression of an already great interior.

The owners wanted a true Montana ranch—something that blended into the landscape, that looked like it had been there a long time. Using reclaimed logs that continue along walls both outside and in, Montana stone, hewn beams, wood siding and custom metal work this ranch home looks like it could have been there for ages. The mix of plaid blankets and pillows in the living room somehow takes it just far enough to say Christmas without being the least bit over-the-top. Pulling one of those great timber lamps out for the season and putting a tree in that corner was something we planned from the start.

For this timeless cabin, we knew a fresh-modern kitchen had no home here. Instead, we opted for cabinet panels in rough-hewn wood and solid two-inch-thick oak countertops—made to take a licking and get better and better with time. Our team loves the deep blue paint on the rustic wood island that contrasts with the white tile and the vintage inspired stove top and hood.

We are charmed to think of our homeowners’ family gathering, surrounded by so much charm and comfort. This is a quintessential Montana cabin filled with warmth and patina. There are imperfections everywhere in the materials that show things were touched by human hands. It’s what gives the house so much soul. We relish the thought that memories are made in rooms we designed thoughtfully—a kind of perfectly harmonious backdrop. 

This is our recipe, harmony and cohesion, traditional elements and nothing flashy. It’s all about having quality that feels good and won’t soon be replaced. We imagine passing down these things—and values—to the next generation.