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Heart Mountain Residence

Settled on the west slope of Heart Mountain, this large timber and stone structure was designed to maximize views of the land below, while cozying up into the natural elements surrounding it in order to blend in, rather than stand out.

The owners had many dreams for how this space would be for them, such as having the heart of the house center around a circa 1890’s mahogany saloon bar, where people could gather. And having a space that was warm and inspiring for them to create art of their own to fill the space’s walls over time. The natural elements of steel, wood beams and stone are what add the warmth to this space, and as interior designers for this project, we paired these elements with warmth of our own. From red feature walls, to leathers and wools, the space came together step by step with the owner’s input always pushing along the progress. “This was a labor of love” Interior Designer and Stapleton Gallery Art Curator Jeremiah Young states. “It was very ambitious to have built up there, but they did it as well as it could have possibly been done and as sensitively to the land as they could. They did a magnificent job of letting it rest on the mountain in an elegant way.”

As for the art and sculpture that fill the space, the designers were careful to leave moments of pause. “This house is a reflection of their collection, and they’ll continue to acquire more pieces from the artists who live and work in this part of the world.” says Young. Here, the owners will explore and, over time, choose additional pieces to add to their own gallery, ultimately making their home feel even more tailored to their unique interests, personalities and passions.

Heart Mountain Residence has had the pleasure of being featured in the magazine Western Art & Architecture.


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