Rock Creek Remodel

There was never any question of tearing down this home; it housed several generations’ worth of cherished family memories. The solution was a radical remodel.

We helped the owners come up with plan that retained the home’s modest profile as viewed from the road so it would still fit in with the neighborhood. But on the back side we dramatically expanded up and out over two levels in order to admit more light, create generous gathering spaces, and engage with the site’s most important feature, the creek below.

In a family home meant to foster relationships during winter ski trips and summer idylls, our task was to create a sense of timeless, sophisticated, western-leaning comfort. In this log home with wood floors, wood cabinetry, barnwood details, and river rock fireplaces and walls, the interiors are more dynamic than is apparent at first glance. The ceilings, which extend out under the overhangs for a seamless indoor/outdoor experience, are surprisingly colorful. To make a strong visual statement while helping delineate the kitchen from the great room, we commissioned a dramatic wood and steel hood from a local craftsman. We accessorized with Navajo rugs, patterned upholstery, red accents in throws and pillows, organic wood pieces, and vibrant contemporary western art. Bedrooms gave us a chance to flex our creativity.  In one, a textured plaster wall painted red creates a rich backdrop for patterned textiles and an iron bedstead. In another, a tailored red skirt on a glass-topped bedside table pops against a natural bark wall with lichen. In the bunkroom, four built-in sleeping compartments with privacy curtains on iron rods create a sense of adventure for kids while still offering the utmost in comfort for adults.

The home is a great example of how to think creatively in working with an existing structure so you can keep what’s special while balancing the needs of a growing family and the realities of a new millenium. For a home meant to serve the next generations,,” says designer Jeremiah Young, “I think it will age beautifully without referencing any particular time frame.”

This remodel has been featured in Big Sky Journal and Cowboys And Indians for its beauty and success.

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