High Style Tipis

Tipis with timeless luxury.

When we were asked to furnish two tipis owned by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, we leapt at the opportunity. These round spaces posed a fun challenge, and anyway, who doesn’t love these iconic symbols of the American West?

Our goal for these original homes-on-the-range was rustic luxury. We started by first taking our cues from the tipis’ exterior designs, which were hand-painted by Stapleton Gallery artist Kevin Red Star. After that, we layered with a collected approach.

Each space was imagined as the ultimate in edge-of-the-wilderness refinement. For the tipi with bold red stripes, the motif is repeated in the red covered daybed, in the stripes created by stacked leather-bound books, in a small Navajo rug, and in the red-striped pillow and throw.  The tipi with yellow circles on a field of blue finds its circular shapes repeated inside, with comfortable, inviting, rounded armchairs, pottery, and pillar candles, and a small round table as its central focal point. It’s a space designed to foster conversation.

In both: layered rugs, stacks of books, groupings of framed artwork, natural hides and leather, feathers, and naturally shed antlers combine in a way that conveys comfort while speaking to the life of the mind — and to nature outside the door.