One Perfect Thing

Navajo Rugs by Escalante

Using centuries-old techniques, the Zapotec weavers of Oaxaca Valley handcraft these beautiful rugs. Each new design starts at the color pot, developing and testing dyes, creating the perfect hue combinations. Local hand-spun yarns are then dyed over weeks before being handed over to master weavers at the loom.

TIMELESS  A classic in Western design, these rugs stand the test of time. Rich colors and bold patterns translate into a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, from shabby chic to structured.

INCREDIBLY DURABLE  Zapotec textiles can be woven of 100% wool or in mohair/wool blend. Both are incredibly strong fivers. Combined with expert weaving, Escalante provides long lasting, heirloom quality rugs that will be passed down for generations.

CUSTOMIZABLE  Need a bigger rug or have a certain color scheme in mind? Escalante provides a custom option, working with our designers to create the perfect piece. It’s possible to add a ranch brand or logo to an existing rug or start from scratch.

VERSATILE  Equally great on the wall as art as they are on the floor for utility—layered and lovely. We hung Navajo rugs on the wall of our design studio, giving us a cozy look along with a dose of creative inspiration.