One Perfect Thing: Santa Rosa Candles

“We’ve proudly carried these candles for over 15 years”


Originally used in churches, missions and cathedrals, Santa Rosa candles are still lovingly produced in Mexico and handmade by bathing layer after layer of high grade paraffin—a centuries-old method. This time consuming process creates rings akin to the rings of a tree, which are seen on bottom of the candle.

The factory employs mostly disabled workers and Charlie, an American who inherited the company from his mother, recently gave a TED talk on his own disability. “Everyone has a disability, some are more obvious than others,” he said in his speech.  He was born with severe birth defects and inspires us with his can-do attitude.  His work and his company amaze us.  We couldn’t be happier to carry a perfect product from such a soulful company.





Why We Love Them:


1. The natural amber color. This warm richness is achieved by adding melted amber into the wax–a golden glow that looks beautiful when lit.

2. They are scentless. An odorless candle is essential when showcasing candles of this quality and work perfectly in large doses.  We suggest a table set with a variety of sizes as shown above, which is only possible without scenting.

3. They are long lasting. Great candles like these will last for years to come–with sizes ranging from two inches to nearly two feet

4. Quality wicks make for clean burning.  Trimming your wick to ⅛” before each burn stretches the candle’s life much further.

5. The stamp. Each candle comes with a golden “Santa Rosa” elegantly embossed onto the side. A symbol to trust.



We used over 50 Santa Rosa candles in our award-winning dining room at the Western Design Conference.