One Perfect Thing: The Gunnison Chair

Timeless, delicate, and yet very robust design from Hickory Chair. Years of hard use will patina this chair beautifully. You will love it more as the years pass. The Gunnison Chair sits comfortably in rooms across a spectrum of styles–from modern to traditional to rustic. ┬áChameleon-like and a true expression of style we are proud to place in any home or office.


Why We Love It:

1. Angular metal frame with exposed leather stitching inspired by French designer Jean-Michel Frank (1895-1941). Sumptuous, yet minimalist.

2. In addition, Natural variations in leather give each chair a one-of-a-kind appeal.

3. Unfinished leather exposed on back and side for subtle contrast.

4. Rolled leather arms and slung back prove exceptionally comfortable over long sits.

5. The Gunnison chair is equally stunning as an accent, living room, bedroom, or (our favorite!) as a dining table chair.