One Perfect Thing: The Chesterfield

The king of sofas, a chesterfield is known for it’s deep tufting and low-slung height. It has the kind of plush comfort you sit in rather than on–providing the sophisticated seating every homeowner yearns for. We love the weight and drama it adds to any room. Despite it’s 18th century roots, the chesterfield adapts to many different interior styles, staying timeless in a variety of colors, fabrics and of course, supple leathers.


Why We Love It:



1. The deep tufts, a sign of true refinement. The deeper the better. More difficult to construct than shallow tufting, these demonstrate true craftsmanship.



2. The nailheads. Emphasizing the overall shape, adding visual strength, and holding the whole thing together.



3. The low arms & back. Equally stunning from all angles, but also perfect in social situations as an impromptu extra seat.



4. Nothing quite matches this cozy depth, which encourages true relaxation or, dare we suggest, napping.



5. The rolled arms are large and comfortable, but never out of scale. Always tufted but never too high for your arm to rest easily with a beverage.